A guide to boosting customer satisfaction to encourage customer loyalty

Ensuring customer satisfaction should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind as, simply put, a happy customer equals more sales. In addition to this, satisfied customers are more likely to want to return to your business in the future, forging a strong sense of customer loyalty. However, it can soon become overwhelming trying to figure out how you can ensure maximum satisfaction for your customers. To help you out, here is a guide to boosting customer satisfaction to encourage customer loyalty. 

Train staff in customer service

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when dealing with customers is to treat all customers with courtesy and respect. However, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up a constant cheerful disposition when you are not feeling great or are faced with a trying customer, the result being that there may well be an understandable drop in customer service quality. To help prevent this, ensure that all customer facing staff – including employees answering telephones – receive rigorous customer service training. Doing this will provide your staff with the tools and confidence they need to deal with a variety of customer service scenarios on a regular basis, from the positive to the more difficult, to ensure that  your company as a whole is providing a high level of customer service.

Draw up a customer success journey map

A customer success journey map outlines the different steps taken by your customer throughout their interaction with your company. Mapping out the customer journey in this way enables you to optimize each step to ensure maximum satisfaction at each stage of their journey, which can in turn promote more sales and customer loyalty. However, your customer success journey map doesn’t end at the sale; keep in communication with your customer by checking up on their satisfaction with their purchase and inviting them to VIP events to let them know how important their custom is to your business and therefore help to encourage customer retention.

Obtain regular feedback

Gathering feedback from customers on a regular basis can help you to assess what is working with your customer service model and what could benefit from improvement. Give all customers the opportunity to review their purchase, perhaps by posting it on your website. Or, you could host a yearly questionnaire, which has the added benefit of allowing you to ask specific questions and get direct customer feedback about a specific issue that is affecting your business. In addition to this, don’t discount social media as a method for getting feedback by communicating directly with customers and followers, who may want to ask you particular questions about your business. However, it’s important to remember that though it’s never nice to receive complaints, they can prove useful to your company by directing you towards areas that could be built upon to ensure that your business is providing customers with top quality service that they want to return to again and again.

Open New Business Scopes with an Electronic Signature

The flight from Atlanta to Washington and back takes 12 hours. Are you ready to spend so much time to sign documents? SignNow is an American electronic signature provider. With SignNow, you can sign pdf documents or agreements without leaving your office. Just select the document you want on your computer and then sign it using a mouse or typing your name. The process becomes 100 times faster, isn’t it?

E-signature is an electronic analog of a manual signature. It confirms the agreement of the sides on official documents. You can create an electronic signature in several ways:

  • Using a finger/stylus;
  • With a help of a mouse;
  • By exporting your hand-written signature;
  • By typing your name (you can change its font so that it looks like a manuscript). 

Client Approval

The company was founded in 2011, but it has already won several prestigious awards:

  • Enterprise. Top 25 software 2016;
  • AICPA SOC 2;
  • Leader fall. Best software awards 2020;
  • Top 50 products for sale. Best software awards 2019;
  • Leader. Summer 2019;
  • Top 50 fastest-growing products. Best software awards 2019.

SignNow has over 20 million users worldwide. Customer satisfaction is confirmed by the site rating. On such reputable review platforms as Capterra, Gartner, Crowd, and Trustpilot, the site is rated 4.6 out of 5. The users of the Capterra resource mark SignNow as “Excellent product”, “Easy to sign software”, “Good for getting signatures”, “A lifesaver”. 

Businessmen Recommend

Use the bulk invite feature to grow your business. Boost the productivity of your business by speeding up your workflow. You can turn any document into a template with a signature and then send it to several people at once. Download the list of people you need and add them to your group. This procedure significantly saves scanning and printing time. The platform makes it easy to collect and send completed documents to clients.

Legal and Safe

The company is legally recognized as the technology it applies follows the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. So, all the SignNow e-signatures are legally binding. No one can view, change, or download documents with your signature without your knowledge. You will be immediately warned about this. Therefore, this service is considered safe.


You can send as many documents as you need every month. The service has no limits on the size and number of documents. 

Free Access

SignNow is available on all types of mobile devices and PC. You can download an easy-to-use mobile application or work with the site without downloading the app. Just log in and use it. Recipients do not need to have an account on the site. They can just open a document and sign it.

Inexpensive Solution

Compared to competing companies, SignNow stands out for the price of services. The cheapest plan is $8/month per user. For approximately the same set of fields, other companies set a price:

  • DocuSign – $10
  • HelloSign – $13
  • Adobe Sign – $14.99
  • Keep Solid Sign – $9.99
  • PDFfiller – $20

Cost is the most common reason people choose SignNow over others. Thus, SignNow becomes the best solution for both leadoff entrepreneurs and experienced companies. In progress, customers notice that SignNow beats competitors not only in price but also in functionality

Types of Plans

SignNow offers three tiers pricing. The first tariff is called Business, and it cost only $8 per month. The second is Business Premium for $15 per user per month. The third, Enterprise, costs $30. The Business plan includes several options. Here are some of them:

  • Additional users. You can add up to 10 senders as users for an additional penny.
  • Numerous languages. Your client or partner can read and sign documents in the native language.
  • Application. You get access to the mobile app; so, you can use it on the go from everywhere.
  • Limitless templates. You can create and save as many templates as you wish.
  • Basic fillable fields. Signature, dropdown, date text, checkbox, initials are available. 
  • Cloud archiving. Export your documents to Google Drive, Amazon S3 storage, Dropbox, iCloud, Azure Data Box, and others for archiving.
  • Automatic reminders. Be sure that your partner won’t forget to sign your documents. The automatic notification feature will remind about checking. 
  • Tracking. You can monitor all the changes in each document using audit trials. 
  • Support team. Reach out for 24/7 help with live chat support.
  • 1-signer signature saving. Use your mobile device to gather the signature in-person. 
  • A team. Share the workflows, documents, and agreements and make templates within your team. 

The Business Premium plan involves all the business fields, including

  • Branding. Create personalized documents with your branding.
  • Sharing link. Send signing link without adding addressee’s e-mail. 
  • Multiple sending. Use a CSV format to send a file to multiple receivers. 
  • Grouping. Collect a number of documents and send them for signing all at once.

Moreover, you get more than 2 signer signature saving and unlimited teams instead of 1 in the business plan. 

The Enterprise plan offers the broadest service. An exclusive range of fields and advanced options are available here. You can register and use a free 7-day trial. During this time, you will explore all the features and select the one that best suits your business. 

Electronic signature supplants handwritten one, which saves signing time and reduces paper use. This method is extremely convenient since sometimes, it is physically impossible to be in the office. The right e-signature site can take your business to the next level! Choose the best one!

Running a Care Home: The Essentials You Shouldn’t Do Without

If you are running a care home, the following essentials are emotions, supplies and experience that you cannot do without. The care profession is a rewarding one, but it does not come without its sacrifices; the willingness to devote time and effort to the lives of others requires a mentally strong human being. 

It also requires empathy, top quality medical supplies and a solid number of reliable contacts in the profession.


An individual incapable of empathizing is not one suited to running a care home. While tough financial decisions have to be made – and becoming overly emotionally attached to patients can be heartbreaking – it is impossible to be cold and calculated in this profession.

The United States boasts some of the best care home facilities in the world, and that is in no small part thanks to empathetic and caring managers. Even the best care home operators, however, cannot run their homes properly without quality equipment, supplied reliably and affordably.

Quality Supplies

It is these quality supplies that truly separate an acceptable care home from an exceptional one. By accessing the best care home supplies available, from bedding to medicines and from patient alarms to specialist seating, a care home can begin to provide top level support for the elderly.

Without these supplies, patients cannot be treated with adequate care and attention and a care home becomes an unsuitable place for them to live. 

While quality supplies can be sourced affordably, a solid financial stability is still necessary.

Financial Stability

Many care homes operate on thin profit margins and, without backing, are regularly on the brink of going bust – making financial stability an essential part of care home management. Aside from medical and care home supplies, you will require financial stability for a wide range of additional expenses such as travel or transport hire, caregiver wages, energy bills and more.

In order to achieve this level of financial stability and to possibly receive services such as minibus hire at a cut rate, having good contacts in the industry will help no end.

Good Contacts

In any aspect of an organization – be it a business, charity or service provider – having good contacts will stand you in good stead when times get tough. Contacts can help you keep expenditure low by giving you good rates on products or services, as well as recommending the best places to buy certain supplies. 

With much of the American care system funded privately, you should never underestimate the value of quality contacts. 


In order to use these contacts effectively and make what finances you do have stretch adequately, you will need plenty of experience. Going into care home management should be avoided if you do not have previous care home experience as you could end up making too many decisions from a business point of view rather than that of a caregiver. 

Experience will allow you to combine the benefits of contacts, financial stability and emotional intelligence to produce a top-quality care giving facility. 

The Functions of an EPR System

Enterprise resource management (EPR) uses technology to manage business operations. Given the competition resulting from technological advancements, every business needs to have an EPR system in place. Manufacturing ERP provides business owners with the right system to manage activities in real-time.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of a business. If inventory management is not done correctly, it could result in huge losses for the organization. Inventory is the reason why a business continues to grow. Without an inventory, there would be no business. Therefore, an ERP helps in inventory management to ensure that the business continues to grow.

Order Management

An EPR system is an ideal choice for business owners when it comes to ordering management. It is through order management that a company can ensure customer satisfaction. In a case where order management has not been done correctly, the business risk delays or order cancellation. Such could result in the company losing its clients. It is necessary to have an EPR system to ensure that clients are fully satisfied with the ordering system.


Having the right accounting system in place is crucial to the smooth running of activities in the business. It is through accounting that a business can identify areas that need improvements. For instance, if a company is spending a lot on miscellaneous tasks, they can come up with a way of cutting on such spending. However, if the expense is not recorded in the accounting books, the company might make a huge loss in the long run. Therefore, an EPR system is necessary for ensuring the consolidation of all the accounting activities.

Human Resources

An EPR system makes it easy for companies to benefit from their business model. The system helps track people-related models such as directing, planning, hiring, administration, and payroll. Other operating procedures, such as job postings, benefits, and working hours, can be integrated into one model through EPR. Such functions can also be done manually, a process that is slow and prone to errors. Therefore, businesses require EPR systems to ensure the smooth running of human resource functions.

Customer Relationship Management

EPR systems help in maintaining a good customer relationship within the organization. Customers are the backbone of any business. Without enough clients, a company may not thrive, and such could result in its downfall. Hence, every organization needs to ensure that they maintain a good customer relationship. If customers are not satisfied with the products, the chances are high that they would not buy them again. Thus, it is necessary to have the right EPR system in place to increase the customer satisfaction rate.

Manufacturing ERP provides companies with digital solutions to running the various activities of the business. Technology has changed the way businesses are run and, thus, increasing competition. Companies must beat such competition by using the technology that other organizations are using. EPR presents entities with the right software to manage business activities and remain competitive. Such would help in growing the company.

New Merchants for October

We have 18 new brands in our network so far for the month of October! Read all about them below, and stay tuned for more merchants going live later this month.

VELO is proud to be among the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high-quality saddles, grips, and handlebar tapes, confirming that, “For more than 10 million cyclists a year, one brand just feels right!” Driven by a constant pursuit of success, Velo uses its expertise to tailor all of its products for different types of cyclists, including recreational riders, passionate cycling enthusiasts, and professionals across the globe. 5% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Anna Virgili has become an iconic international brand thanks to its constant interpretation of trends, transforming them into ideas, suggestions, feelings and products, with its collection ever more expressive of a cosmopolitan style and taste, conceived and evolved from an innate passion of creating refined, essential handbag items. 8% commission • 60 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Bottega USA is 420-year old winery situated in the Veneto region of Italy. We make some of the finest wines available anywhere on the planet – reds, whites, still and sparkling. Our Prosecco is rated Number One worldwide in by Travel Retail in the Prosecco and sparkling categories, and Number Two in the Champagne category. We also distill best of class Grappa, Gin, and Vodka and liqueurs. 8% commission • 60 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

BRIC’S has become an iconic international brand thanks to its constant interpretation of trends, transforming them into ideas, suggestions, feelings and products, with its collections ever more expressive of a cosmopolitan style and taste, conceived and evolved from an innate passion for creating refined, essential luggage items. 8% commission • 60 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Ed’s Fly Shop is the premier source for fly fishing equipment, accessories, and fly tying supplies. We are a full-service fly shop located in Montrose, Colorado. We weave together the best brands, insider product knowledge, and unique stories from the field to inspire the culture of fly fishing. With an average 5 star customer review on Google, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. 8% commission • 90 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Todson: For more than 60 years Todson has been a fixture of the bicycling industry in the United States. Representing some of the world’s most storied cycling brands over the decades (Topeak, Elite, Hutchinson, OnGuard and VeloX), Todson has built an unrivaled level of expertise in the cycling and sporting goods industry. 9% commission • 60 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Patara is a sustainable lifestyle brand that designs and manufactures footwear for the environmentally conscious and coastally aligned consumer. We strive to create timeless products using innovative materials and unique designs anchored in sustainability, quality, and comfort. Simply put, we are pushing traditional craftsmanship to new limits. 8% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Azuna’s affiliate program makes it easy for healthy living enthusiasts to earn a commission allowing themselves to embrace and breathe clean air, free of harmful additives or chemicals . Gain qualifying sales by linking your website to Azuna’s selected range of products and receive easy money for doing it. 7.5% commission • 60 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

SOG Knives has 34 years of experience building the best situation ready gear for professionals, adventurers, and everyday users. Drawn from studying user insights, our product systems confidently embrace adversity, turn obstacles into opportunities and push us in our pursuit of greater potential. SOG’s product assortment includes knives, multi-tools, packs, lights, and all kinds of outdoor gear. 10% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

TOADFISH OUTFITTERS products are the ultimate in design, performance, and durability. They were created by authentic fishermen who leveraged their experiences afield resulting in a product that exudes simplicity, durability, and quality bound with intelligently designed features. 8% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Originally founded in California, Zenfolio now serves 100,000 photographers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. With a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform and elegant design, you can feel good recommending Zenfolio. AU, CA, & US networks. 30% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Fix It Sticks is a highly modular multi-tool system featuring a variety of specialty tools and torque limiters, along with standard 1/4″ bits. Fix It Sticks uses a T-handle concept to give you the best of both worlds: shop level function, paired with light weight and portability. 7% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

KORKERS continues its bold and innovative approach, having the courage to take risks in order to meet the needs of those who identify with the intensity of outdoor adventure where extreme conditions can be challenging and unforgiving. Their gear must perform double duty as conditions change rapidly and performance optimization puts every piece of gear to the test. 10% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

The SOL Botanicals team is passionate about our partnerships. Our approach to affiliate marketing is very simple – we seek to create value for you and your members! 10% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Firsthand Supply is quickly being recognized for its quality products. Firsthand Supply affiliate program makes it easy for fashion, hair stylists, and beauty enthusiasts to earn a commission allowing themselves to embrace the use of natural men’s beauty products, from honest sourcing, sustainable process and clean ingredients. 6% commission • 60 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

United Sewing Automation, Inc, USA, manufactures PPE face masks in the USA for health care providers, bus drivers, grocery store workers, public sector employees, and all front-line warriors.  In order to help protect those that are providing essential services for all of us, USA also manufactures the same quality PPE face masks for the general public who have the need to interact with these essential personnel. 7% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Urban Cycling Apparel is quickly becoming one of the great American company success stories with HQ in Joplin, Missouri. Launched in 2016 with just two styles of mountain bike shorts, we have exploded in 2020 to a full line of men’s gear and a growing women’s and youth line. Our goal is to get everyone on a bike. 10% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Sharkbanz is the ultimate in design, performance, and durability. Designed for beachgoers, swimmers, and surfers, Sharkbanz uses patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists to deter predatory shark species. Our deterrent technology has been researched, tested, and verified by an independent third-party university analysis group. No batteries, no charging – scientifically proven. AU network. 15% commission • 60 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Bitcoin Business Strategy: How to Start Accepting Bitcoin

At least a third of small and medium-sized businesses in the US accept cryptocurrency. Should you join them?

How do you become a Bitcoin business?

bitcoin business

Find out here what you need to know to profit from Bitcoin business opportunities.

Create a Bitcoin Wallet

To start accepting Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin address where customers will send their payments. You can use a tablet or smartphone to let your customers pay with their phones. If you have an online storefront, you’ll add a plugin to process Bitcoin.

Direct Payments or Payment Processor?

You may want to use a payment processor if your business handles a high volume of transactions each day. A processor can also be helpful if you have a complex sales process.

You’ll pay either a monthly fee or a percentage of your usage to use a payment processor. These payments will probably still be much less expensive than the fees you pay for credit card processing or PayPal.

Payment processors offer other services like email invoices. The service provider can set up a point of sale (POS) system or add a shopping cart plugin to your online store.

Advertise That You’re a Bitcoin Business

Help Bitcoin users find you by putting a “Bitcoin Accepted Here” button on your online storefront with your other payment information. You can put stickers on the door and cash register of your brick-and-mortar store locations.

Accounting and Taxes

Accepting Bitcoin can complicate your tax situation. You’ll need to keep careful and detailed records of your Bitcoin transactions to report the value of each payment accurately.

The IRS considers virtual currencies to be property not currency. Be sure that your accountant is up-to-date on the regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies so you can avoid any potential problems.


When you set up your Bitcoin wallet, you’ll need to use best practices to secure it. You shouldn’t keep large amounts of Bitcoin on your computer, phone, or server. Just like you wouldn’t keep thousands of dollars in your cash register overnight, storing the majority of your Bitcoin in a safer environment is a good practice.

Keep a backup of your wallet in a safe place. You should encrypt the backup to protect it against malicious software. Using multiple locations like USB keys, papers, and CDs also helps protect your backup.

Be sure to use a strong but memorable password. You have very few options to recover your password with Bitcoin. Keeping a paper copy of your password in a secure place like a vault is a good idea.

Finally, always keep your software up to date. You’ll receive any security fixes and prevent problems.

Additional Opportunities with Cryptocurrencies

Once you become a Bitcoin business, you’ll start to see the benefits of allowing cryptocurrency transactions. You may be ready to see what else cryptocurrency can do for your business.

You can earn passive income through a process called staking. You hold cryptocurrency funds in your wallet to support the security and operation of the blockchain network.

In return for holding funds locked up, you earn rewards. Usually, you receive a fixed percentage every year. You can learn more here about staking opportunities.

Becoming a Bitcoin Business

Alternative payment methods can bring your business many advantages. Becoming a Bitcoin business can help you attract new customers. As you expand into other cryptocurrencies, you can earn passive income through staking.

Even if Bitcoin payments start out as only a small part of your business, they can give you a competitive edge.

Keep reading for more business success tips like this.

3 Steps to Starting a Side Hustle During COVID-19

COVID-19 has done a number on everyone. People living in different areas and working in different industries are all feeling the effects and having to make changes.

Rather than contracting in fear, this is the perfect time for you to spread your wings and get a small business off the ground. If this trying time has shown you anything, it’s that life as we know it isn’t inherently stable.

When you start your own business, it helps you take back some of your control. Starting a side hustle is more possible than ever with the following tips.

Three Steps for Starting a Side Hustle

If you’d like to start a side hustle, there are three important tips that you’ll want to follow. Here’s how you can get started:

1. Master Your Time Management and Keep Your Day Job

Man or woman, entrepreneur or employee, no matter your socioeconomic status, we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Let this linger in the back of your head when you say you don’t have time to start a side business. Time is your greatest asset if you use it as such.

So even if you don’t immediately have any business capital for your side gig, you still have your time. Master time management so that you can set aside just a few hours each day to start your business.

Keep your day job so that you have a consistent income and don’t put too much pressure on your side gig right away.

2. Choose a Hustle That Gives You Residual Income

You also have to choose the right gig if you’re hoping for success. There are some easy side hustles that you can consider.

No matter which side gig you start, make sure that it brings you residual income. When you have residual income, you can get paid for the work you’ve already put in, and not just what you produce day by day.

You can sell e-books, monetize a podcast, sell a course, and all sorts of other gigs that can build a strong residual income stream.

3. Don’t Expect Instant Results or Gratification

You have to put some time into your side gig, rather than expecting it to automatically pay you. Every business is a labor of love, so don’t put too much pressure on it to automatically become a big earner.

Starting a blog is the entry-point of many small businesses. You can grow your following with the blog, and then use these marketing efforts to start selling products.

Other side gigs involve building your social media presence. If you build toward the future instead of expecting it all right away, it’s easier for you to grow your side gig correctly.

Get Your Side Hustle Off the Ground

These tips help when you’re starting a side hustle. COVID-19 is the perfect time to get this business off the ground!

You have what it takes to be an entrepreneur if you follow these steps.

Come back when you need more info on business and digital marketing.

When to Shift from Home-Working to Office-Working

Working in one’s pajamas is certainly the dream of many millions of people worldwide. It’s a fantasy that might have convinced you to quit your office job to start your very own business from home – or, for many freelancers, it’s something that’s been a reality for many flexible and fun years. But, for business leaders and freelancers alike, there comes a time when shifting back into a workspace – for at least some of your working week – is both practical and preferable. Here’s when you’ll know hiring a workplace seat – or seats – is a smart move.

Scaling Your Business

There’s no doubt that one of the benefits of starting a small business is that your overhead is minimal. This is especially the case for those firms that operate entirely digitally – or those that are involved in import/export and logistics, which can be run from one’s bedroom. But, as your firm grows, you’re going to need an office space for meetings and the new hires you bring in. Workspace experts like Work Clockwise are made for just such circumstances – welcoming new members into seats that can be hired by the day – and for only certain days of the week, too, if necessary.

Freelancing Stagnation

Freelancers the world over have had their best-kept secrets revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the rest of the world commuted into work and spent long hours behind their desk each day, freelancers were free to shamble about in their pajamas on a call, laptop balanced in their hand – or to go out to local cafes for a relaxing spate of work. For most freelancers, the problem is that the game is up: cafes are full or closed, and productivity at home is suffering. A seat in a welcoming co-working space is just the ticket to help you refocus on your career goals this winter. 

Family Issues

The elephant in the room, for hundreds of thousands of people across the UK this year, has been that spending more time at home than ever before hasn’t necessarily been a godsend. It’s okay to admit this: everyone needs their space, especially those who are now working in high-pressured jobs while their children mess around at home, and their partners make noise in the kitchen. This problem is compounded for those in smaller homes – where having a space you can call your own, in a rented office chair, is surely preferable to constant irritation. 


Finally, don’t underestimate the value that a co-working space can bring to your career, or to your firm, simply through networking and connecting with talent in your local area. In many cowering spaces, individual freelancers – designers, writers, videographers, and more – are working quietly on projects that you might like to get involved in. And if you’re a freelancer, you’ll find no end of opportunities when smaller businesses move into your workspace, requiring your skills for their new project. 

Whether you’re looking to network, secure peace and quiet, or simply scale your business with more employees, office spaces in cowering centers are sometimes a smart bet for businesses and individuals looking for a change in their working habits.

20+ Profitable High Ticket Affiliate Programs For Affiliate Marketers

High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketers often put a considerable amount of effort, time, and money to promote products and services and net a handsome commission on the side. It’s a great way for companies to boost sales, and affiliate marketing makes it easy for individuals to make money by simply promoting products that they admire. There are quite […]

4 Brilliant Money Saving Tricks

For many, saving money is an art-form. There are many different tricks and life hacks that people use to help them save a fortune and make a tidy profit. This can range from manipulating discounts in your favor, to creating a passive income that can lead to you earning money as you sleep. Here are some brilliant money saving tricks you can deploy to help you save a small fortune. 


Couponing is the act of collecting discount codes and deals and using them to reduce the price of a shop. Coupons can be found in physical booklets produced by stores or can be searched for online and applied in online shopping. There are a wide variety of items that can have coupons and discount codes applied to them, meaning there’s a massive choice of how people can save money. There are many people who have gained fame by being particularly savvy with coupons, such as the UK’s own Coupon Kid who once got £600 worth of shopping for 4p. 

Online Surveys 

Completing online surveys is a brilliant online hack that not enough people have clocked onto yet but can be used to save, and even make a sizable amount of money. On various sites online there are surveys that companies want people to fill in and are offering payment for each completed survey. This means that individuals can use their free time to fill out surveys on mass and build up a nice credit total. Some survey companies pay out cash, while others allow you to earn gift cards which can be used on a wide variety of online and physical retailers. 

Share Streaming Services With Friends 

These days, there are a plethora of streaming services that are billing us every month to view their content, with popular ones ranging from Netflix, Spotify, YouTube Premium, Disney+ and so on. Most people have at least two of these platforms to provide their entertainment and after a time these services can start adding up and can start cutting into your budget. A good way to make these cheaper, is to share accounts among trusted friends and family. Depending on how many people use an account, you can significantly reduce the price of these services, and many offer family deals that allow multiple people to be online and watch at once. This works great with people who are living in different time zones as it makes it more likely that too many people won’t be online at the same time. 

Save on Your Energy Bills 

There are many things people can do to reduce their energy bills and thus help them save a nice amount of cash. The obvious is to turn your thermostat down by a couple of Fahrenheit as this can save well over $100 a year. You can also turn it off completely and utilize jumpers and blankets to keep yourself warm. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure your electronics are running smoothly, as faults with stuff like fridges and freezers can really increase their consumption. Plus, making sure your home is well insulated will mean less heat will be escaping the house, meaning you’ll need to use less energy to keep you warm.