4 Brilliant Money Saving Tricks

For many, saving money is an art-form. There are many different tricks and life hacks that people use to help them save a fortune and make a tidy profit. This can range from manipulating discounts in your favor, to creating a passive income that can lead to you earning money as you sleep. Here are some brilliant money saving tricks you can deploy to help you save a small fortune. 


Couponing is the act of collecting discount codes and deals and using them to reduce the price of a shop. Coupons can be found in physical booklets produced by stores or can be searched for online and applied in online shopping. There are a wide variety of items that can have coupons and discount codes applied to them, meaning there’s a massive choice of how people can save money. There are many people who have gained fame by being particularly savvy with coupons, such as the UK’s own Coupon Kid who once got £600 worth of shopping for 4p. 

Online Surveys 

Completing online surveys is a brilliant online hack that not enough people have clocked onto yet but can be used to save, and even make a sizable amount of money. On various sites online there are surveys that companies want people to fill in and are offering payment for each completed survey. This means that individuals can use their free time to fill out surveys on mass and build up a nice credit total. Some survey companies pay out cash, while others allow you to earn gift cards which can be used on a wide variety of online and physical retailers. 

Share Streaming Services With Friends 

These days, there are a plethora of streaming services that are billing us every month to view their content, with popular ones ranging from Netflix, Spotify, YouTube Premium, Disney+ and so on. Most people have at least two of these platforms to provide their entertainment and after a time these services can start adding up and can start cutting into your budget. A good way to make these cheaper, is to share accounts among trusted friends and family. Depending on how many people use an account, you can significantly reduce the price of these services, and many offer family deals that allow multiple people to be online and watch at once. This works great with people who are living in different time zones as it makes it more likely that too many people won’t be online at the same time. 

Save on Your Energy Bills 

There are many things people can do to reduce their energy bills and thus help them save a nice amount of cash. The obvious is to turn your thermostat down by a couple of Fahrenheit as this can save well over $100 a year. You can also turn it off completely and utilize jumpers and blankets to keep yourself warm. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure your electronics are running smoothly, as faults with stuff like fridges and freezers can really increase their consumption. Plus, making sure your home is well insulated will mean less heat will be escaping the house, meaning you’ll need to use less energy to keep you warm.

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