Open New Business Scopes with an Electronic Signature

The flight from Atlanta to Washington and back takes 12 hours. Are you ready to spend so much time to sign documents? SignNow is an American electronic signature provider. With SignNow, you can sign pdf documents or agreements without leaving your office. Just select the document you want on your computer and then sign it using a mouse or typing your name. The process becomes 100 times faster, isn’t it?

E-signature is an electronic analog of a manual signature. It confirms the agreement of the sides on official documents. You can create an electronic signature in several ways:

  • Using a finger/stylus;
  • With a help of a mouse;
  • By exporting your hand-written signature;
  • By typing your name (you can change its font so that it looks like a manuscript). 

Client Approval

The company was founded in 2011, but it has already won several prestigious awards:

  • Enterprise. Top 25 software 2016;
  • AICPA SOC 2;
  • Leader fall. Best software awards 2020;
  • Top 50 products for sale. Best software awards 2019;
  • Leader. Summer 2019;
  • Top 50 fastest-growing products. Best software awards 2019.

SignNow has over 20 million users worldwide. Customer satisfaction is confirmed by the site rating. On such reputable review platforms as Capterra, Gartner, Crowd, and Trustpilot, the site is rated 4.6 out of 5. The users of the Capterra resource mark SignNow as “Excellent product”, “Easy to sign software”, “Good for getting signatures”, “A lifesaver”. 

Businessmen Recommend

Use the bulk invite feature to grow your business. Boost the productivity of your business by speeding up your workflow. You can turn any document into a template with a signature and then send it to several people at once. Download the list of people you need and add them to your group. This procedure significantly saves scanning and printing time. The platform makes it easy to collect and send completed documents to clients.

Legal and Safe

The company is legally recognized as the technology it applies follows the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. So, all the SignNow e-signatures are legally binding. No one can view, change, or download documents with your signature without your knowledge. You will be immediately warned about this. Therefore, this service is considered safe.


You can send as many documents as you need every month. The service has no limits on the size and number of documents. 

Free Access

SignNow is available on all types of mobile devices and PC. You can download an easy-to-use mobile application or work with the site without downloading the app. Just log in and use it. Recipients do not need to have an account on the site. They can just open a document and sign it.

Inexpensive Solution

Compared to competing companies, SignNow stands out for the price of services. The cheapest plan is $8/month per user. For approximately the same set of fields, other companies set a price:

  • DocuSign – $10
  • HelloSign – $13
  • Adobe Sign – $14.99
  • Keep Solid Sign – $9.99
  • PDFfiller – $20

Cost is the most common reason people choose SignNow over others. Thus, SignNow becomes the best solution for both leadoff entrepreneurs and experienced companies. In progress, customers notice that SignNow beats competitors not only in price but also in functionality

Types of Plans

SignNow offers three tiers pricing. The first tariff is called Business, and it cost only $8 per month. The second is Business Premium for $15 per user per month. The third, Enterprise, costs $30. The Business plan includes several options. Here are some of them:

  • Additional users. You can add up to 10 senders as users for an additional penny.
  • Numerous languages. Your client or partner can read and sign documents in the native language.
  • Application. You get access to the mobile app; so, you can use it on the go from everywhere.
  • Limitless templates. You can create and save as many templates as you wish.
  • Basic fillable fields. Signature, dropdown, date text, checkbox, initials are available. 
  • Cloud archiving. Export your documents to Google Drive, Amazon S3 storage, Dropbox, iCloud, Azure Data Box, and others for archiving.
  • Automatic reminders. Be sure that your partner won’t forget to sign your documents. The automatic notification feature will remind about checking. 
  • Tracking. You can monitor all the changes in each document using audit trials. 
  • Support team. Reach out for 24/7 help with live chat support.
  • 1-signer signature saving. Use your mobile device to gather the signature in-person. 
  • A team. Share the workflows, documents, and agreements and make templates within your team. 

The Business Premium plan involves all the business fields, including

  • Branding. Create personalized documents with your branding.
  • Sharing link. Send signing link without adding addressee’s e-mail. 
  • Multiple sending. Use a CSV format to send a file to multiple receivers. 
  • Grouping. Collect a number of documents and send them for signing all at once.

Moreover, you get more than 2 signer signature saving and unlimited teams instead of 1 in the business plan. 

The Enterprise plan offers the broadest service. An exclusive range of fields and advanced options are available here. You can register and use a free 7-day trial. During this time, you will explore all the features and select the one that best suits your business. 

Electronic signature supplants handwritten one, which saves signing time and reduces paper use. This method is extremely convenient since sometimes, it is physically impossible to be in the office. The right e-signature site can take your business to the next level! Choose the best one!

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