3 Steps to Starting a Side Hustle During COVID-19

COVID-19 has done a number on everyone. People living in different areas and working in different industries are all feeling the effects and having to make changes.

Rather than contracting in fear, this is the perfect time for you to spread your wings and get a small business off the ground. If this trying time has shown you anything, it’s that life as we know it isn’t inherently stable.

When you start your own business, it helps you take back some of your control. Starting a side hustle is more possible than ever with the following tips.

Three Steps for Starting a Side Hustle

If you’d like to start a side hustle, there are three important tips that you’ll want to follow. Here’s how you can get started:

1. Master Your Time Management and Keep Your Day Job

Man or woman, entrepreneur or employee, no matter your socioeconomic status, we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Let this linger in the back of your head when you say you don’t have time to start a side business. Time is your greatest asset if you use it as such.

So even if you don’t immediately have any business capital for your side gig, you still have your time. Master time management so that you can set aside just a few hours each day to start your business.

Keep your day job so that you have a consistent income and don’t put too much pressure on your side gig right away.

2. Choose a Hustle That Gives You Residual Income

You also have to choose the right gig if you’re hoping for success. There are some easy side hustles that you can consider.

No matter which side gig you start, make sure that it brings you residual income. When you have residual income, you can get paid for the work you’ve already put in, and not just what you produce day by day.

You can sell e-books, monetize a podcast, sell a course, and all sorts of other gigs that can build a strong residual income stream.

3. Don’t Expect Instant Results or Gratification

You have to put some time into your side gig, rather than expecting it to automatically pay you. Every business is a labor of love, so don’t put too much pressure on it to automatically become a big earner.

Starting a blog is the entry-point of many small businesses. You can grow your following with the blog, and then use these marketing efforts to start selling products.

Other side gigs involve building your social media presence. If you build toward the future instead of expecting it all right away, it’s easier for you to grow your side gig correctly.

Get Your Side Hustle Off the Ground

These tips help when you’re starting a side hustle. COVID-19 is the perfect time to get this business off the ground!

You have what it takes to be an entrepreneur if you follow these steps.

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