When to Shift from Home-Working to Office-Working

Working in one’s pajamas is certainly the dream of many millions of people worldwide. It’s a fantasy that might have convinced you to quit your office job to start your very own business from home – or, for many freelancers, it’s something that’s been a reality for many flexible and fun years. But, for business leaders and freelancers alike, there comes a time when shifting back into a workspace – for at least some of your working week – is both practical and preferable. Here’s when you’ll know hiring a workplace seat – or seats – is a smart move.

Scaling Your Business

There’s no doubt that one of the benefits of starting a small business is that your overhead is minimal. This is especially the case for those firms that operate entirely digitally – or those that are involved in import/export and logistics, which can be run from one’s bedroom. But, as your firm grows, you’re going to need an office space for meetings and the new hires you bring in. Workspace experts like Work Clockwise are made for just such circumstances – welcoming new members into seats that can be hired by the day – and for only certain days of the week, too, if necessary.

Freelancing Stagnation

Freelancers the world over have had their best-kept secrets revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the rest of the world commuted into work and spent long hours behind their desk each day, freelancers were free to shamble about in their pajamas on a call, laptop balanced in their hand – or to go out to local cafes for a relaxing spate of work. For most freelancers, the problem is that the game is up: cafes are full or closed, and productivity at home is suffering. A seat in a welcoming co-working space is just the ticket to help you refocus on your career goals this winter. 

Family Issues

The elephant in the room, for hundreds of thousands of people across the UK this year, has been that spending more time at home than ever before hasn’t necessarily been a godsend. It’s okay to admit this: everyone needs their space, especially those who are now working in high-pressured jobs while their children mess around at home, and their partners make noise in the kitchen. This problem is compounded for those in smaller homes – where having a space you can call your own, in a rented office chair, is surely preferable to constant irritation. 


Finally, don’t underestimate the value that a co-working space can bring to your career, or to your firm, simply through networking and connecting with talent in your local area. In many cowering spaces, individual freelancers – designers, writers, videographers, and more – are working quietly on projects that you might like to get involved in. And if you’re a freelancer, you’ll find no end of opportunities when smaller businesses move into your workspace, requiring your skills for their new project. 

Whether you’re looking to network, secure peace and quiet, or simply scale your business with more employees, office spaces in cowering centers are sometimes a smart bet for businesses and individuals looking for a change in their working habits.

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