What to Pack in an Emergency Beauty Kit

Image Source: Unsplash Murphy’s law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and this applies to all situations, including beauty blunders. Even if you feel like you’re all prepped and dolled up, once you step out of the house, you can’t anticipate when a beauty faux pas will happen. Think a colossal zit discovered mid-day, a sudden spill on your outfit, or an unplanned social event right after a long day at work. For these situations, you will want to have a set of tools within arm’s reach to rectify any beauty emergencies that come your way. You will need an emergency beauty kit that contains all the essentials that can take you from drab to fab when you’re on the go. And just as with a real emergency kit, emergency beauty kits have non-negotiables or staples that you must absolutely have at all times. To help you put together a kit that can rectify all your beauty troubles, take note of these essentials: Safety pins and double-sided tape While these items aren’t exactly considered beauty products, this duo can prove to be lifesavers when your outfit rips or refuses to cooperate. Shape highlights how when you’re out and about you don’t exactly have the time for sewing, but a safety pin and/or double-sided tape can come to the rescue to fix whatever needs repairing. Whether it’s a busted button on your shirt or a rip in your bottoms, these essentials can offer an easy fix. Face mists Now, this product isn’t at the top of people’s minds when they’re listing essentials, but this underappreciated wonder can make the difference between looking dull and appearing fresh. They’re multifunctional — you can use them as either a skin booster or a makeup setter, a refresher when you’re feeling particularly icky after a yoga class, or a hydrator when your skin looks parched. With just a few spritzes here and there, you can instantly improve your look. In case you’re not too familiar with face mists and want recommendations on what to get, you can check out our 2018 roundup of the best rosewater facial mists. Anti-hangover pills A beauty emergency kit is called an ’emergency kit’ for a reason. As previously mentioned, you put it together for the sole reason of having beauty items to use for unforeseen events such as an impromptu night out. When that happens, regardless of whether intended to or not, hangovers are bound to occur. To mitigate any form of future discomfort, anti-hangover pills are a great option to have on hand. Taking these during the night will help ensure that you are still functioning the next day and feeling just as fresh. Pretty Me’s review of WrecOver anti-hangover pills highlight how the ingredients include vitamins and minerals that can help the body recover after consuming too much alcohol. Not only that, but they can also help in cleansing your body of toxins, resulting in positive effects on your liver and skin. Clear nail polish A nice clear polish is useful for smoothing out any smudges or accidental chips on your new manicure, but it also serves other functions. It can stop the run in your pantyhose from growing further and it helps keep not-so-fancy jewelry from turning your skin green. Thrifty Fun notes that all you have to do is paint over the run and let it dry, and you’re pretty much good to go. Hairspray Even if you take your sweet time in the morning to do your hair, there’s no guarantee that it will stay that way until the evening. Say you’re exposed to humidity, your straightened hair could quickly turn to frizz, and your curled locks could unfortunately droop. STYLECASTE outlines how having hairspray in your emergency kit will keep your hair the way you intended it to be. It’s recommended to always keep one handy in case you need to do a quick patch-up job. Additionally, dry shampoo will also help, especially if you want to keep your scalp feeling fresh and hair smelling great after a long day. You can’t predict when beauty blunders will happen, but having these essentials with you at all times will help you stay fresh all day and night.

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