Does EltaMD PM Therapy Have What It Takes To Fit In Your PM Skincare Routine?

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of EltaMD. Skin health is dependent upon many things, but today we are going to talk about two- protection from the environment during the day and restoration at night. Think about your skincare routine during the day- it should be composed of antioxidant-rich skincare ingredients and a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF to protect against the sun and other environmental stressors. At night, your routine should be composed of skincare ingredients to repair and restore your skin while you sleep. Remember, sleep is important because your body works to repair organs, cells, and muscles when you drift off into a deep sleep, and your skin is the body’s largest (and most visible) organ. It is imperative that your skincare routine contains a night cream to aid in repair while you sleep. EltaMD Skincare PM Therapy Facial Moisturizer works to restore skin while at rest. It contains ceramides to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, niacinamide to improve skin tone, antioxidants to speed the metabolism to maximize the repair process and peptides to stimulate cell growth. I gave this facial moisturizer a spin for more than a few nights to get a feel for how it works, and most importantly, to see if I would see a difference in my skin. I love the airless pump bottle design, it makes for easy, clean dispensing. EltaMD PM Therapy dispenses like a gel-cream. I applied the moisturizer as directed- pearl-sized dots on clean, moist skin and massage using circular upward and outward motions. It is lightweight and melts into the skin with a non-greasy finish. I woke up to refreshed, visibly healthy, nourished skin. My skin was touchably soft, bright, fresh and most importantly- moisturized. This peptide moisturizer is awesome enough to be used as a daytime moisturizer as well. Just don’t forget the SPF! So, does this moisturizer have what it takes to fit into your nightly skincare routine? Absolutely! EltaMD PM Therapy Therapy Facial Moisturizer retails $32.50. Click here to purchase and check out more information on the product.

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