8 things you could learn at the Women in Business Expo

This year’s Women in Business Expo takes place virtually on the 14th and 15th of October and 123 Reg will be there.

You can book your ticket here but, before you do, here’s a run through of just some of the things you could learn over the course of the event.

How to build a business or personal brand website

Want to get online either to further your career or promote your business, but don’t know where to start?

Camille Simpson, head of product marketing at 123 Reg, will be explaining how to create your own business/personal brand website.

You’ll learn how to get the website you need and how to create content that will engage your visitors.

Find out more about Camille’s talk here.

How to work from home effectively

Struggling to get things done while working from home? Jaya Baloo, chief information security officer at Avast, will talk about her experience of dealing with issues such as engagement and wellness while working from home. Whether you’re employed or running your own business, Jaya’s talk has the potential to help you work better from home.

Find out more about Jaya’s talk here.

How to get paid on time

Late payments can really hurt a small business. Suzanne Burke, head of operations at the Small Business Commissioner, will offer advice on how you can make sure larger suppliers pay you on time.

Find out more about Suzanne’s talk here.

How to prep for investment

Looking for investment to expand your business but don’t think you’re ready to pitch? Joanne Baban Morales, CEO and founder of Nunude & Digginova, will cover the fundamentals you need to get right while you prepare your investment pitch.

Find out more about Joanne’s talk here.

Things you didn’t know about leadership

Want to improve your leadership skills? Farrah Storr, editor-in-chief at Elle, is promising to disclose the leadership tips you won’t find in management books.

Find out more about Farrah’s talk here.

How to survive when things are stacked against you

Ruby Wax OBE’s talk is subtitled “From madness to mindfulness” and in it she will explain the methods she used to avoid “a potential mental disaster”.

Find out more about Ruby’s talk here.

How to create the career you want

If you feel like you’re stuck on a career path that you don’t like, Suzy Walker, editor-in-chief of Psychologies, could have just the talk you need.

She promises to give you a five-step plan that will build a new work life that you love.

Find out more about Suzy’s talk here.

How to have more confidence

Struggling to feel confident in your business life? Jamie Fergus Crockett, founder and CEO of Developing Business Performance, will outline a ten-step plan you can use to develop more confidence in your business.

Find out more about Jamie’s talk here.

And much, much more

We’ve touched on just a handful of things happening over the course the Women In Business Expo.

For the price of your ticket, you’ll get access to seminars and roundtable events offering a range of tips and advice.

You can see everything that’s happening at the Women In Business Expo on the official website.

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