New Features of SAP Business ByDesign 1808


SAP ByDesign is here with its new features which will help its users in a much coherent way to manage their business processes. Below are the given modules on which SAP Business ByDesign 1808 has made its enhancements.

Financial Management

  • Improvements for payments, especially web shop scenarios.
  • New webservice for SEPA Direct Debit Mandates
  • Confirmation of External Payments – You can now pre-confirm External Payments through the Clearing House Statements.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Update Service Confirmations with non-billable indicator
  • Update Invoice Block on Service Confirmations
  • Enhancement to Customer Invoice Data Source
  • Outbound delivery reference ID in the Customer invoice item Data source
  • Maintain Contracts via Web Service
  • Create Service Order via Excel Template
  • Pricing Flexibility
  • Order of pricing tables in an Access sequence can be modified.
  • Enhanced and more flexible Lead status management

Project Management

  • Holidays in Gantt Chart
  • Personalization of Gantt Chart

Supply Chain Management

  • Product Cycle count – Automated Run
  • Additional Extension Scenarios
  • Product Requirement Specification Filter on Product Exceptions


Supplier Relationship Management

  • Update Existing Purchase Orders with New Purchase Requests

Built-in Analytics

  • Work center overview pages in new card design

    • Work center overview pages migrated to card design
    • Key User Adaptation of Work Center Overview Pages
    • Refresh rates for KPI and Reports defined by key user
  • Adapting Data Sources with New Fields

    • Add Missing Standard Fields
    • Enable Dates for Process Time Calculations
  • Improved Analysis Pattern in HTML5

    • Suspend Automatic Refresh on View Pane
    • Advanced Filtering in Selection Pane
    • Working with Dates and Date Hierarchies
    • Report – Report Navigation on Chart Elements
  • Improved Integration / Open Interfaces

    • Review OData Result with Button “Build OData Query”
    • Download of Code Lists


  • Mexico – Electronic Payments
  • USA – Tax Reporting under the CF/SF Program
  • Italy – Quarterly VAT and self-invoice registration
  • Spain – Immediate Supply of Information System (SII)
  • Japan – Incoming Remittance Bank Statement, Migration of Basic Employee Data
  • United Kingdom – Expense and Reimbursement Management

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