Calculating number of attachments in Sage X3

As we know, using attachment featured In Sage X3, user can attach various documents/files against any masters or transactions screen. With this feature users can attach file types like word document, Image, Text, PDF and Excel etc. The attached documents can be the reference/source documents of that particular entry. This helps all the users to know the source documents and it also improves efficiency because users can access relevant information easily without wasting time searching through file cabinets and folders.

In this blog, we will see how we can know the number of the attachments attached to particular entry through 4GL script.

New Stuff:

4GL sample Script
Sample Script for calculating number of attachments

“AOBJTXT” table stores of all the attachments which are attached in Sage X3.

Let’s consider, user has attached some attachments to a particular Supplier in Supplier Master Screen.

So using the above script, we can know the number of attachments attached to a particular supplier by just putting filter as supplier code selected on the screen. And then we count total number of attachments through “ROWCOUNT()” function.

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