11 Places To Display Website Testimonials


Real testimonials from real clients, especially when accompanied by a photo or communicated in a video, can deliver game-changing results when it comes to website conversions. 

Testimonials from happy clients and customers communicate how amazing you are to prospects without you needing to do a thing. They provide unbiased, third-party feedback about what a prospect can expect when they make a purchase.

Many business owners understand the power of using testimonials as part of their overall marketing strategy and include a single page on their website with their testimonials titled Testimonials, Praise, Reviews, Feedback, or even What People Say. 

While this approach works, it relies on your prospective clients and customers to click on that specific page. There’s a better way.

There are 11 other places where you can list testimonials for more conversions.

A Better Approach To Using Testimonials

Instead of interrupting the buyer journey and sending prospects to a testimonials page, consider strategically placing testimonials throughout your website in key areas that affect conversion.

Let’s look at alternate places to display testimonials to increase their impact:

1. Client Portfolio Entries

If you have a portfolio on your website, display a client’s testimonial alongside the portfolio entry for their project. Pairing the work completed and the feedback from the client tells a more powerful story.

2. Sales Pages

Break up a long sales page with testimonials about the product, service, course, or program you are selling.

3. Homepage for Authors

If you are an author, highlight testimonials about your book on the homepage of the book website, or on the book page of your personal brand site.

4. Services Pages

Include a testimonial about your services on the services page of your website to give the testimonial more context.

5. Online Course Pages

Selling an online course? Use testimonials to reassure potential students that they can achieve the results they want. Also, ask existing or past students to provide a tip for new students that you can use in your sales materials and during the course for encouragement.

6. Speaker Pages

If you are a speaker, display testimonials about your speaking on the speaking page of your website and include a testimonial from someone who booked you to speak next to your booking form.

7. Renewal Email Communications or Login Pages

For a membership site, consider including testimonials in your renewal email communications to remind current members of the value. You can also include testimonials on the login page non-members are shown.

8. Next to Calls to Action

Display testimonials next to major calls to action to help put prospects at ease and make them feel more confident in their decision to take action.

9. Newsletter Opt-in Pages

If you are hosting a free webinar to build your email list, showcase testimonials that communicate the value you deliver on the opt-in page.

10. eCommerce Product Pages

For an eCommerce site, include testimonials on product pages so buyers can see what other people thought about the product.

11. About Pages

Use a testimonial to make your about page more compelling and less braggadocious—just be sure it sums up what you want people to know about you.

Placing Testimonials is Key

As you can see, there are numerous places to display testimonials on your website other than a dedicated testimonials page. Context plays a huge role in the effectiveness of testimonials in the sales process, which means that the more strategic you are about the placement of your testimonials, the better your results will be.

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