Hosted Managed Services Benefits to Manufacturers

Bottom Line: Manufacturers are opting to deploy their ERP systems over Hosted Managed Services to slash high licensing and I.T. costs while saving I.T. staffs’ valuable time for projects that more closely support revenue and customer growth.

The Covid-19 pandemic digitally transformed manufacturing faster than the most persuasive, profitable business case ever could. It has also made manufacturers rethink if they need to have their servers, I.T. infrastructure, and complex, expensive licensing agreements. For these factors and more, Hosted Managed Services is gaining momentum in mid-tier manufacturing.

Why Manufacturers Are Adopting Hosted Managed Services (HMS)Today

Getting back in control of I.T. and licensing costs that keep going up while freeing up I.T. staff from spending all their time on upgrades and system updates instead of supporting new business motivates manufacturers to adopt an HMS-based deployment approach. Having DELMIAworks keep systems backed up, secure and current is a force multiplier when it comes to getting more time.   

The truest test of any Hosted Managed System is the results it delivers in a live production environment. At another leading plastics manufacturer, DELMIAworks HMS continues to deliver results including the following:  

  • Reduced MRP processing from 2 hours to 8 minutes
  • 50% reduction in processing production reports
  • Greater supply chain efficiency including improved track-and-trace visibility
  • Improved scheduling production in the plant closest to the customer
  • Scalability to provide greater expansion for EDI transactions
  • Solved performance, scalability, and disaster recovery challenges by migrating from legacy systems

Top 7 Benefits Of Adopting Hosted Managed Services

The following are the top seven benefits manufacturers are achieving by adopting Hosted Managed Services:

  1. Provides a hosted, managed ERP system with MES at its core, all designed around the needs of mid-tier manufacturers – no other ERP system delivers MES at the core of its hosted managed platform like DELMIAworks HMS.  Running production operations from a unified platform delivers greater control over costs than any competitor can match. Cost and I.T. staff advantages include the following:
    • Get in control of spiraling I.T. support & license costs
    • Quit wasting limited I.T. staff time on updates & patches
    • Free up I.T. capacity to adapt & flex to volume needs
    • Delegate system backups & security patches that are often months/years behind
  1. DELMIAworks HMS is purpose-built to deliver four key financial benefits that respect the value of a manufacturer’s time. These include providing access from any location where a WiFi signal is available, scalability That Flexes In real-time; a cloud-based solution that prevents issues with end-of-life hardware; more efficient use of I.T. resources, and often lower initial Investment and long term costs.
  1. DELMIAworks and Dassault Systemes’ OutScale Deliver State-of-the-Art, Secure Have IaaS Hosting. Accountability is designed, ensuring customers only need to make one phone call to get results.DELMIAworks HMS is integrated at the secure API level with OutScale, ensuring global scalability.
  1. Guaranteed 99.5% Uptime for All Software and Services to every DELMIAworks HMS customer.  DELMIAworks HMS provides an uptime guarantee, warranty support, and disaster recovery procedures as standard with every deployment delivered.  
  1. Built-In State-of-the-Art Security is designed in at the platform level. Layered security architecture includes user authentication, backup encryption, multiple backup copies, and secured VPN/SSL connectivity.
  1. 24/7 Operational Metrics Including LogicMonitor’s Dashboard Real-Time Monitoring, Ensuring Performance Real-time visibility & control of capacity planning, server optimization, server & app performance are available. DELMIAworks has partnered with LogicMonitor to provide every manufacturer who opts to use HMS with real-time monitoring & analysis using L.M. Intelligence. This machine-learning-based diagnostic app provides early warning into potential trouble spots, ensuring system uptime.
  1. Industry-leading backup, site reliability, and recovery that provides manufacturers with further assurance and validation their data is safe and secure. All backups are encrypted and stored to customers’ unique configuration requirements, system recovery & redundant connections, including BGP and VPNs.
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