The Analyst Cam: Zoho Workplace

As we have moved to virtual vendor briefings, I have increasingly been excerpting short segments (with permission from vendors), as part of my Analyst Cam series.

Zoho launched Workplace last month – it is a suite of 9 applications to compete against Office365 and Google tools. The positioning is Workplace allows you to “seamlessly collaborate with your teams, no matter where you are, and get more done in less time.”

I got an hour long briefing – I have extracted 20 minutes below

Vijay Sundaram, Chief Strategy Officer kicks it off with some background on what he calls Zoho’s “hidden gem”. The suite has been evolving for 15 years and has adapted to the changing nature of work as it has become more remote with WFH, has become mobile-first etc.

At 11.25 Aarthi Elizabeth, Product Marketing Manager provides an overview of the 9 components that make up the suite.

Finally, my favorite part – at 13:36 Aarthi shows how the suite is not just horizontal. She does a nice walkthrough of use cases for the suite in the construction industry.

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