Oracle Helps Customer Service Teams Embrace Change

Over the past few years, customer service organizations have undergone significant changes to meet evolving customer expectations, and the events of this year have understandably accelerated many of those trends.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of being resilient in the face of constant change. The pandemic turned service departments on their heads, shutting down at a moment’s notice and reopening with remote workers. At the same time, many service departments had been overrun with requests and have had to rethink how they operate in order to answer customers when and where customers want.

As service professionals look to the future – and in many cases, consider reinvention of their entire service departments – Oracle is here to help. To guide customers through these shifts and prepare them for the future, we have introduced a series of updates to Oracle CX Service within Oracle Cloud Customer Experience.

  • New Digital Customer Service Tools: Context and understanding are everything in today’s environment. To help customer service teams meet these demands, we have introduced a series of new digital customer service tools.
    • Automated Service “Digital Trifecta”: Helps service teams deliver accurate service at scale by automating service 24/7 through the integration of our Knowledge, Intelligent Advisor, and Digital Assistant products.
    • Intelligent Advisor: An enhanced advisor helps enhance the customer experience with visuals such as uploading an ID, seeing a house on a map, and more, while also helping agents come to decisions faster with new real-time insights.
    • “Service at the Point of Need” Inlays: New inlays or “pop-ups” monitor digital behaviors to read signals when someone might need service, and then offer service proactively. Inlays are context sensitive to ensure personalized and intelligent interactions.
  • New Service Center from Home Capabilities: As service departments stay remote during the pandemic – and look to maintain increased work-from-home programs afterward – we have introduced a series of new remote work tools.
    • Agent Experience Upgrades: To help service teams operate from anywhere and maintain productivity at scale, we have improved agent experience in the Oracle CX Service browser user interface. This allows agents to provide service from home or any location, via any browser or device, through an intuitive and customizable system.
    • New Slack integration: A new Slack integration with Oracle CX Service gives agents a familiar tool to collaborate and resolve customer cases faster. Teams can drag and drop cases and stay better connected with teams while remote.
  • New Field Service Capabilities: Field service is vital in maintaining essential infrastructure (power, water, internet, etc.) as well as lifesaving equipment (MRI machines, ventilators, etc.). To help organizations enhance field service capabilities, we have introduced new collaboration, digital assistant, and advisor capabilities.   
    • New “Where’s My Technician?” feature: Helps customers follow the progress of their service appointments and engage directly with the field service teams in a style similar to an Uber app experience. Customers will also be able to confirm and change appointments, watch a vehicle pull up on a map, and more.
    • New Field Service Digital Assistant: A new digital assistant helps customer service teams save time by answering questions for technicians in the field.
  • New Customer Data Management Enhancements: Customer service data is a critical source of customer information that is often inaccurate and difficult to share with the rest of the organization. New features in B2C Service Customer Data Management validates and de-duplicates customer data to ensure accuracy and completeness while making it easier to share customer data across the organization.
  • New Knowledge Management Capabilities: To help agents navigate massive knowledge databases and quickly discover the best content, we are introducing artificial intelligence advancements. New artificial intelligence capabilities will proactively show agents the best answers, as well as help agents, write, and search for informative articles.

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