How Education Needs to Address the Impact of Technology

Technology continues to be a driving force behind major economic, industrial, and consumer trends. The field of education hasn’t escaped its impact either. While many people head to college to enhance their job options, those who have made a career out of working in academics will find the landscape changing over the next several years. As it changes, so does the nature and knowledge of the graduate.

Degree Programs Need to be Revamped

Thanks to automation technologies and other software and robotic advancement, the standard education for those who were pursuing any field may become obsolete before an individual graduates. Industries of all kinds have seen automation play a significant role in production and operation, from the accountant to the factory worker. School programs can’t be an either/or approach to technology instruction and preparation. One can’t avoid dealing with automation. A student can’t choose a business degree instead of computer science to get away from artificial intelligence or machine learning. Data analysis, fiscal responsibility, human resources, and cloud services are just entwined in the business sector as they are in manufacturing. All programs need to figure out how to keep up with tech in order to better prepare students.

Educators May Leave for Tech Companies

Academia has established its own code for hiring educators and providing tenured positions, leaving many qualified individuals out of the running for a teaching post. Rather than let their skills and education go to waste, these would-be educators may find it is easier to secure employment in the tech sector. After all, these are companies with the resources, experience, and opportunities to give students first-hand instruction in the developments and innovations of technology. Many tech companies have already begun to offer their own certification programs with potential for internships and employment for those students who are the most qualified.

Distance Education May Become the Norm

Online learning has been given a boost by the coronavirus pandemic, but it had long shown signs of becoming the most accessible way to achieve higher education. There are several reasons why distance education continues to show increased enrollment year after year. For nurses and those in related career paths, advancement is a lot harder if they haven’t earned their bachelor’s degree. Others have realized the threat technology has on their career field and want to transition to a new field or update their skills before it is too late. There is also a larger number of individuals that can’t afford to go to school full time, choosing not to give up their income by attending online in their spare time. Distance learning is a flexible way to get an education for a full-time career opportunity at a part-time pace.

Forward-thinking Is the Way to Survive

There is no doubt about the continued impact technology will have on education. The inclusion of virtual reality technologies into the online environment or the need for specialized master’s programs in robotics and artificial intelligence studies are only of few the expectations for the field of education. Educators and students alike have many new opportunities brimming on the horizon, but they must be willing to accept and pursue them.

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