DELMIAworks 2020X Shows Our Commitment To Keep Innovating For Our Customers

The most valuable conversations we have every day are with our customers. Their challenges, needs, and requirements continue to be an excellent source of innovation. Our latest release, DELMIAworks 2020X, reflects our commitment to keep innovating by collaborating with them. SHOPWORKS, an easily configurable series of Work Center dashboards designed to improve shop floor efficiency, is an example. We’re accomplishing this by integrating with RealTime™ data capture into the application, helping to reduce their reliance on paper-based reporting.

What’s New In DELMIAworks 2020X

Of the many new features in DELMIAworks 2020X, the majority are based on customer insights. Customer-driven new features in DELMIAworks 2020X include enhancements to Advanced Warehouse Management, Engineering Quote Workflows, Pallet Building, and more. Additional features include the following:

  • SHOPWORKS, a touchscreen-based shop floor interface to DELMIAworks 2020X that improves production efficiency with configurable Work Center dashboards.  Key benefits include streamlining data access and RealTime™ information collection and availability, improving quality, and reducing costs. SHOPWORKS also helps digitize manufacturing operations and improve production efficiency.
  • Significant new improvements to Advanced Warehouse Management, including Directed Task Drop Zones and Directed Task Monitoring.  Directed Task Drop Zones give DELMIAworks 2020X customers the flexibility of defining a specific drop zone in a warehouse as part of a broader WMS process. Directed Task Monitoring activates automated directed task generation for all inventory items and all work centers throughout the system.
  • Several new enhancements to Engineering Quote Workflows.  DELMIAworks 2020x includes several significant improvements to Engineering Quote Workflows. First, there are new improvements to the quote approval process. Streamlining Quote Workflows with user-defined Quote types is one of many new enhancements. Additional enhancements provide users with greater visibility across the entire quote workflow. There’s also support for new templates, team members, IQAlert evaluation, and workflow forms available.
  • More options and flexibility for customers relying on RealTime™ Process Monitoring Setup, Intelligent Reject Reporting, and RT Station. IoT solutions in use across shop floors frequently need an automated solution for reject reporting during production. Intelligent Reject Reporting is designed to capture reject data during production via sensors with little to no input from the user. Reject data captured during production is collected and processed by the system, then the rejects are assigned the default reject code set at the device level.


DELMIAworks 2020x exemplifies our commitment to excellence on behalf of our customers. We’re passionate about delivering a unified platform that can flex, change, and grow as our customers do. And with our industry-leading manufacturing expertise – many say the best in the ERP industry – we’ve got the team to help any customer achieve their operations, financial, and service goals. Our unified platform’s many strengths are amplified with our latest release, DELMIAworks 2020x. We’re providing customer-driven innovations that give you greater control, traceability, and visibility across every production process so you know the impact on your financials. We’re focused and working diligently to help our customers excel and gain new production efficiency while improving quality. SHOPWORKS is designed with that goal in mind. The bottom line is DELMIAworks is completely committed to unleashing our customers’ greatest strengths and opportunities to excel and grow. We measure our success by our contributions to your goals – and your innovative ideas are helping both of us excel every day. Thank you for your contributions.

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