The 15 Most Profitable Items to Sell Online in 2020

<div><p>Are you and your brand looking for something new and profitable to sell online? If you’re selling products online, you want to sell something with high demand and a growing market.</p>
<p>If you’re looking for hot items to start selling you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the most profitable items to sell online to make a profit.</p>
<h2>1. Minimalist Watches and Jewelry</h2>
<p>Nowadays, with phones in everyone’s pocket, watches have become more of an accessory. The rise of watch brands offering elegant and stylish designs has increased demand. They have high-profit margins and growing demand.</p>
<p>As for minimalist jewelry, they’ve seen some of the highest sales growth recently.</p>
<h2>2. Shapewear</h2>
<p>Today’s societal trends show that the set beauty standard for women is a curvy body. While people are becoming more accepting of different body shapes. There’s still a big market for shapewear, mostly affected by celebrities.</p>
<p>Observing <a href=";geo=PL&amp;q=shapewear" data-wpel-link="external" rel="external noopener noreferrer">Google’s Trend graph</a> for shapewear, you can see that the demand is growing. Since it’s small and lightweight, it’s also very easy to ship.</p>
<h2>3. Snacks</h2>
<p>With the isolation and lockdowns taking place around the world, people are stocking up on different foods as they’re stuck at home. Particularly different snacks to try out and to taste new things. If you already have a store selling consumable products, adding snacks could be a good way to earn extra.</p>
<p>“Snacks” is a very broad term that covers a lot of variety. Depending on the type of food you sell, there could be different demands as well. You can do more research into it if you’re looking to launch your brand based around snacks.</p>
<h2>4. Beard Oil</h2>
<p>Women aren’t the only ones buying skincare products nowadays. The market for men’s skincare is already anticipated to reach <a href="" data-wpel-link="external" rel="external noopener noreferrer">18.92 billion by 2027</a>. The most popular product being beard oil.</p>
<p>The search volume is rising to 60,000, and this only increases during the holidays. This suggests that people buy this product as gifts which increases demand. Selling beard oil also allows you to expand into other products in the future.</p>
<h2>5. Fitness Equipment</h2>
<p>Since most of us are stuck at home, it’s harder to get the exercise and physical activity that we usually have. A good way to stay active at home since gyms aren’t available is fitness equipment. Machines like treadmills and electric bikes are hard to ship, so you can turn to smaller options.</p>
<p>Things like resistance bands, weights, or yoga mats are small but effective alternatives. If you already have a store selling fitness equipment, you could add fitness programs and exercise styles for people to follow along to at home.</p>
<p>The pandemic situation has resulted in high demand for these products, so plan accordingly. More demand means that there’s also high competition for you to go up against.</p>
<h2>6. Phone Lenses</h2>
<p>To help with catching better pictures while only using your phone, phone lenses have seen a growth in demand.</p>
<p>They’re easy to use and set up on your phone and give customers better quality for a lower price. Google trends show that they are still growing in the market for phone accessories.</p>
<h2>&nbsp;7. Reusable Packaging</h2>
<p>As the world is becoming more and more aware of the state of the environment. People turn to reusable packaging to reduce their negative impact on it. This raises the market for non-toxic reusable packaging to replace plastic.</p>
<p>Several brands have cornered the market for reusable packaging. Some have even begun offering their consumable goods with reusable packing. The popularity of companies like Stasher and Qualeap shows that it’s time to jump on the trend.</p>
<h2>8.Face Shield/ Masks</h2>
<p>With most places around the world having a mandate to wear face shield/ masks. The demand for them has drastically increased. This means that people still want to look good when outside.</p>
<p>There has been a positive trend of unique styles of face shields and masks. You could easily start selling online with different designs and colors to choose from.</p>
<h2>9.Bluetooth Speakers</h2>
<p>The demand for Bluetooth has been continually growing since 2018. Now is a good a time as any to begin selling. Get ahead of the curve and start offering them now.</p>
<h2>10.LED Lighting</h2>
<p>LED lighting has become a growing trend for lighting the house and as decoration pieces. Start building a market, especially with teens wanting to design their rooms.</p>
<h2>11. Juice Detox</h2>
<p>Riding along with the movement for healthier lifestyles, different types of detox drinks have gained a lot of traction. With new teas and juices having organic detox benefits.</p>
<h2>12. Natural Hair Products</h2>
<p>Along with a healthier lifestyle, people are also turning to a more natural one too. Having a healthy market for natural products means a lot of money and a lot of competition. Different products like oils, shampoos, and conditioners have a growing market that is easy to get in on.</p>
<p>People are turning away from products with lots of chemicals to keep their hair healthy. It’s especially rising in the African-American consumer market. With celebrities promoting natural everyday hair.</p>
<h2>13.Cruelty-Free Makeup</h2>
<p>More makeup brands are being called out for animal testing and non-vegan ingredients. Because of this, the market for cruelty-free makeup has grown substantially. Expect the market to grow in the coming years and invest in it now.</p>
<h2>&nbsp;14.Wireless Phone Chargers</h2>
<p>Ever since Apple rolled out wireless chargers for their phones, brands have been jumping on the wireless trend that’s growing. The market for them is also expected to rise for in-car charging to provide more convenience.</p>
<h2>15. Baby Carrier</h2>
<p>Since baby strollers are bulky and hard to move around, a market has grown for smaller baby carriers. Something compact to carry around their baby in like a harness. Selling baby carriers also gives the opportunity to expand to other parental products.</p>
<p>To learn more about the most profitable items to sell online, check the <a href="" data-wpel-link="external" rel="external noopener noreferrer">biggest selling departments on Amazon</a> here.</p>
<h2>Take Advantage of the Most Profitable Items to Sell Online</h2>
<p>We hope that now you have a better understanding of the most profitable items to sell online. Remember to do more research if you’re planning to sell a certain product and you’ll be fine. Make sure you don’t build your brand around a fad but rather a growing trend.</p>
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