Manufacturing Keeps Going Strong At Mar-Bal

Mar-Bal operates four manufacturing facilities in North America and a sales office in Shanghai, China. They manufacture thermoset composite products essential to the appliance, electrical distribution, and industrial marketplaces.

Mar-Bal continues production under the guidelines set forth by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. The Ohio policy, which was one of the first enacted in the US, recognizes the need for critical manufacturers required to continue operation to supply the state and country during these difficult times. Mar-Bal serves multiple industries whose continued operation is necessary to make it through the challenge we all face.

One of their customers has a confirmed case of the coronavirus and is in quarantine for an indefinite period. For the remaining customers, demand is spiking. These supply chain fluctuations wreak havoc on Mar-Bal’s production scheduling.

While they have minimal staff at their administrative headquarters, manufacturing operations are nearly fully staffed with the personnel necessary to produce orders – supervision, production and quality assurance.

From their headquarters, despite minimal staff, they are able to centrally process incoming orders using their DELMIAworks ERP system and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). These orders automatically update the production schedule and generate work orders to distribute to their widespread manufacturing operations. Remote visibility of orders, inventory, and operations for their personnel at work at home and in-branch locations system has been essential to these continued business operations. The same can be said for forecasting, planning, and scheduling tools that have been critical to their ability to react to rapidly changing conditions.

At Mar-bal, DELMIAworks manufacturing software has been essential to continued operations during the COVID-19 disruptions.

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