7 Mind-Blowing Reasons To Upgrade To NetSuite From Your Accounting Software


The journey of NetSuite started in 1998 when it used to be a web-based Accounting Software and was called Net ledger. Netsuite now is still web based with Solid Accounting Features but it has grown into a full-fledged ERP system that can easily give popular ERP systems like SAP B1 and Dynamics NAV a run for their money.

NetSuite is a journey and not a destination. Semi-annually, NetSuite releases new features and functionality that automatically gets to their users at no additional cost. Finally, NetSuite provides support in addition to maintenance for its instance. Support is unlimited in its usage, accessible from anywhere, and available24*7. Most importantly, it is not incrementally priced on a per-user basis.

So, when do you feel is the right time to get your hands on all this???

  1. If you were a small business in the recent past but you seem to have outgrown software like QuickBooks. NetSuite offers real-time access to a mammoth financial figure and reduces paperwork by pulling from a single source of data. This allows the one-click sales order and compacts the processes between order and payment. Data entry costs and errors are considerably decreased since information might be inter-related and shared.
  2. If your Organisation runs every day complicated processes such as revenue recognition processes Netsuite’s agile, cloud-based systems can be extremely helpful.
  3. If you need a bird’s eye view of your business and want users to have access to business-specific data at fingertips and offer executives insight into all aspects of the business. Netsuite’s customizable, user-specific dashboards are exactly what you should be eyeing.
  4. Netsuite’s cloud-based architecture is also ideal due to its scalability. This ability to add systems and functions as needed enables rapid growth, giving your organization a generation next foundation of technology to build off of in their new chapter. The combination of easy implementation, top-tier functionality, and rapid scalability should make Netsuite the preferred choice for any organization, who left behind the world of QuickBooks for a modern, cloud-based solution.
  5. In addition to time and monetary savings, if you are looking for a strong web-based accounting and management tool that allows for any-time, any-where decision making. Cloud-based storage choices facilitate the protection of company information, particularly in cases of natural disasters which may drastically scale back recovery times.
  6. If you need a more complete and accurate data pool which allows experts to trend future performance, lending credibility to decision making. Planning associated strategy becomes an enterprise-wide task in due course of your time, attributable to the numerous modules available; ; consequently, NetSuite fetches data from sales, shipping, client service, marketing and other departments to quantitative numbers. This permits accounting and business planning to label processes and products with time and costs.
  7. Accounting software is designed to handle the assets, liabilities and liquidity of a single entity. If you are looking to introduce a different structure or different currencies, and you will have a problem. While functionalities exist to manage multiple entities, consolidating the financial activities require manual efforts that incur errors and inefficiency. Calculating tax in different currencies also requires time-consuming manual processes. ” Netsuite One World” is an answer to all these problems.

Always remember there are two kinds of people: “One who is already in the cloud and the ones who will be in the cloud”

Now, you can easily integrate your NetSuite ERP with the Ecommerce store and automate the business process!NetSuite-Ecommerce-integration

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