Tips to Prove Innocence after a Car Accident

When a car accident occurs, one of the first steps is to protect your rights. As a motorist, you ought to have an insurance cover against a motor accident. The insurance cover assumes liability if you get involved in a road accident, depending on the laws in your state. Depending on your cover, the insurance may compensate for the cost of repairing your vehicle, medical bills, and damage caused to others as a result of the accident.


However, car accident cases can become complicated where
your insurance company denies the claim or other motorists claim that you were
at fault for the accident. In this case, you will need to prove innocence. But
how can you do this? Well, let us highlight some tips to prove innocence after
a car accident.

Talk to eyewitnesses

If you are trying to prove innocence
after a road accident, talk to the eyewitnesses who were available at the
accident scene. Let them give an account of what they saw at the accident
scene. An eyewitness testimony before the court or your insurer
can help convince them that you were not at fault for the occurrence. We would
advise you to ensure that you take the contact detail of every person who witnessed
the accident at the scene. They can help you prove innocence. If you do not
have the eyewitnesses’ contact details, you can get them from the police
officers who came to the accident scene.

Do not admit fault

In the occurrence of a road accident, the first people to contact are paramedics or police officers. One of the things that police officers do when they get to an accident scene is determined who is at fault. You must not admit that you were at fault for the occurrence. This is because it is included in the accident report, and you may never be able to convince the court and your insurer otherwise.

Have a copy of accurate police report

Police officers should be among the very first people who
should be called after a car accident. On arrival, they collect information on
their first impression of the accident, and from eyewitnesses and other
accident victims. The information that they collect is used to come up with the
accident report. If the police report is to prove innocence, then you have to
ensure that it is accurate. If, in any case, you dispute the police report,
maybe because it is biased or incorrect, ensure that the police have it in a
file that you disagreed with their findings. Otherwise, if the inaccurate
information is recorded in the report, you may not be able to prove innocent.

Hire a skilled lawyer

Car accidents can be complicated, especially if the accident
is hard to prove who was at fault or if the other party is blaming you for the
accident. Ensure you work with car accident lawyers with
expertise in all types of vehicle accidents
to avoid incurring costly
liabilities. Skilled lawyers are more conversant with auto accident laws than
you and they know their way around the courtroom. They will further help you
build a strong case to prove your innocence by collecting and developing
evidence and file all the necessary documents required in the court.

Retain pictorial evidence

After an accident, the car’s position tells a lot about who
was at fault for the accident’s occurrence. Taking photos of the vehicles and
the accident scene can serve as evidence of being accused wrongly for the
accident. So, take the pictures of the position of the vehicles involved at
different angles. Additionally, ensure that you capture the damages on the
cars, the conditions of the road, traffic lights, and the injuries incurred as
a result of the accident. These photos will help you prove your innocence and
especially if another party tampered with evidence collected by the police.

Use video footage

You can use any available video footage to also prove your
innocence. Check your dashcam if you have one as it could have captured the
incident. You can survey to seek if there are any traffic surveillance

around the scene. If there is any building around the scene, enquire if they
have surveillance cameras as they could have video footage of the accident that
could help you prove innocence.

Wrap up

It would be unfair for you to incur liability for an
accident that you were not at fault. Proving innocence can be hard. However,
with the help of adequate evidence and a skilled lawyer, you can help protect
your rights after a car accident

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