Liquid Web Vs. Hostinger

liquid web vs hostinger

Considering Liquid Web vs. Hostinger for VPS?comparing liquid web vs hostinger

Are you thinking about Liquid Web vs. Hostinger for your VPS needs? Make sure you know going in about the sacrifices you’ll have to make along the way. Sacrifices like no chat support, no performance optimization, and no management of your server stack without incurring additional fees. Add in a 99.9% uptime SLA, and you’re looking at the potential of almost ten hours of allowable downtime each year.

What happens if your website is offline when you get that big press mention or run that important flash sale? A great host is about more than just cost, it’s also about value, and that means having support and service that help your business reach its goals when it comes to your digital strategy.

We recognize that there is a time and a place for self-described “cheap” hosting. But when it comes to your mission-critical sites and applications, cutting costs is never a good idea. Missing out on important features and sacrificing uptime almost always ends up costing more than what you saved financially on the front end. Don’t be swayed by low prices. Take the time to understand exactly what is included — and what you’ll be left to handle on your own: automatic backups, full stack management, easy-to-access support ready to lend a hand on your infrastructure. That’s exactly what you deserve and exactly what your organization requires.

Liquid Web vs Hostinger

Liquid Web is the world’s most loved hosting company for a reason. We’ve chosen to build our reputation through hard work and by providing industry-leading web hosting with best-in-class hardware for our VPS Hosting solutions. Compare Liquid Web vs Hostinger for yourself.

Nobody Includes More Than Liquid Web

Every Virtual Private Server (VPS) at Liquid Web is engineered for peace of mind, with a full suite of performance, reliability, and security solutions included at no extra charge.

CloudFlare® CDN

CloudFlare CDN includedWe provide full management for one of the world’s most popular CDNs, and full support when your site is added through our interface. CloudFlare will not only speed up your site, but also provide a further boost to security.

Built-in Backups

Built-in backupsLocal backups are always included at no extra charge. For an extra layer of backup protection, you can add our Acronis Cyber Backups, off-server backups especially made for our Dedicated and VMware product lineup.

DDoS Attack Protection

DDoS Attack ProtectionWe provide free basic protection from small volumetric DDoS attacks with every server on our network; it’s always on and ready to go. For larger and more sophisticated attacks, comprehensive protection and mitigation is available.

The World’s Most-Loved Hosting Company

Nobody delights customers more than Liquid Web. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS® ) of 67 puts us among the world’s most loved brands — and makes us No. 1 in the hosting industry. What makes us special? Our customers say it best:

Customer Quote

We’ve been with Liquid Web for 12 years. They have provided consistently high quality service. Our VPS is fast with almost zero downtime. Most important is the service they provide. They are very responsive and are more than willing to go the extra mile to help.”

— Thomas Slater

Customer Quote

Reliable well-featured hosting with stellar customer support. Can you find cheaper hosting? Sure, if you want to sacrifice features, performance, and most important is support. I have been with LiquidWeb for over a decade and 20 plus years in the industry and they are the best in my opinion.”

— Rob Fong

Backed By The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting™
and the Best Guarantees in the Industry

You can go anywhere for web infrastructure. But Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) the world over choose Liquid Web when they want more than just servers and switches. Combining more than two decades of experience and wide ranging expertise, our skilled team of support technicians, engineers, and innovators make Liquid Web the leading hosting provider anywhere. When it’s time to take their digital strategy to the next level, more SMBs trust the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting…they trust Liquid Web.

Most Helpful Humans in Hosting stamp

24/7 Support from The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting™ 
It’s easy to say you have the best support, but we have the numbers to back it up. Our Support ranks No. 1 in customer satisfaction.

59-second Phone and Chat Initial Response Guarantee

59 Second Initial Response Guarantee: Phone and Chat

We’re committed to answering your call or connecting to your LiveChat within 59 seconds.
59 minute support

59 Minute Initial Response Guarantee: Email

HelpDesk tickets receive an initial response via email within 59 minutes, guaranteed.

Featured Clients

Featured Clients

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