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Considering HostGator for Your Web Hosting?Considering HostGator? Check out Liquid Web!

When it comes to infrastructure for your agency or organization, it can be easy to make a decision of convenience. Instead of asking “what is the best choice for us” you might ask “what’s the worst that could happen?” What other reason would there be for choosing a hosting provider that doesn’t offer server management, doesn’t offer performance optimization, and doesn’t offer the best possible uptime for your website and applications?

However, when push comes to shove, choosing the least expensive option for your hosting infrastructure almost never works out. Whether it be poor support or unplanned downtime, cutting costs by choosing a host like HostGator can have catastrophic consequences. Unmanaged infrastructure can mean unforeseen technical problems. Irregular backups can mean you don’t have the most recent version of your website or application. And unmonitored services mean that there could be problems lurking on your servers and you might never know.

Your infrastructure investments deserve better. You deserve a partner that manages and supports your infrastructure so you can focus on building your business.

With Liquid Web you’ll get the hosting sector’s only 100% Network and Power Uptime guarantee for managed hosting services. Additionally you’ll have access to the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting, our team of more than 300 support technicians, system administrators and server engineers. You can count on automatic backups, proactive monitoring, and performance optimization. And if you need a hand? We promise a human will answer your phone call or chat inquiry in under a minute. That’s just the start of the difference between Liquid Web vs. HostGator.

Liquid Web vs. HostGator

Liquid Web is the world’s most loved hosting company for a reason. Our industry-leading solutions are built on best-in-class hardware and independently verified by third-party testing to outperform our competitors. See for yourself how Liquid Web compares to HostGator:

Nobody Includes More Than Liquid Web

Every Fully Managed Dedicated and Virtual Private Server at Liquid Web is engineered for peace of mind, with a full suite of performance, reliability, and security solutions included at no extra charge.

CloudFlare® CDN

CloudFlare CDN includedWe provide full management for one of the world’s most popular CDNs, and full support when your site is added to CloudFlare through our interface. CloudFlare will not only speed up your site, but also provide a further boost to security.

Built-in Backups

Built-in backupsLocal backups are always included at no extra charge. For an extra layer of backup protection, you can add our Acronis Cyber Backups, offsite backups especially made for our Dedicated and VMware product lineup.

DDoS Attack Protection

DDoS Attack ProtectionWe provide free basic protection from small volumetric DDoS attacks with every server on our network. Best of all, it’s always on and ready to go. For larger and more sophisticated attacks, comprehensive protection and mitigation is available.

The World’s Most-Loved Hosting Company

Nobody delights customers more than Liquid Web. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS® ) of 67 puts us among the world’s most loved brands — and makes us No. 1 in the hosting industry. What makes us special? Our customers say it best:

Customer Quote

I cannot say enough great things about Liquid Web Inc! HOLY COW!!! They are the best hosting provider ever. Talk to real, US based techs that actually have a huge base of knowledge for answering and solving any issues. Get absurdly fast replies to emails and tickets. Have the BEST hosting environments! If you are still with GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost … you need to change. You can’t even compare them”

— David Jeffries

Customer Quote

Your support team saved the day again yesterday, was nightmare but you stuck at it solved all with me chewing your ears off”

— Stevie Web

Backed By The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting™
and the Best Guarantees in the Industry

We didn’t get the reputation for being the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting without reason. Rather we earned that reputation over two decades of supporting businesses and technologists the world over. Our support technicians, system administrators and infrastructure engineers work every day to ensure that Liquid Web continues to provide the right solutions to support our clients no matter where their digital strategy takes them.

Featured Clients

Featured Clients

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