Liquid Web Maintains a 99.9992% Uptime in 2019

99.99 uptime 2018

In 2019, we maintained uptime well above the industry average and standards placed by most hosting companies. That means more businesses stayed online, and more revenue was secured by our customers, than ever before.

In other words, we are resilient.

2019 Uptime chart

2019 Uptime

2019 was another extremely stable year for our network, achieving six 9’s availability seven out of twelve months and five 9’s availability for the year, with an annual uptime of 99.9992%.

What is Uptime?

Uptime is defined as the amount of time, usually presented on an annual basis, that our infrastructure was online, available, and successfully operational.

2019 Infrastructure and Network Upgrades

We completed numerous upgrades and projects, including multiple data center hardware upgrades, operating system and other code updates, EOL hardware replacements, and DDoS protection expansion. The DDoS expansion greatly improved and expanded protection for existing and new customers.

We have also continued to step toward clean energy by installing more energy-efficient air conditioners financed by the Lean and Green Michigan PACE program, which began in 2018. This will continue to decrease our carbon footprint while increasing our capacity to keep customers’ servers cool and running smoothly.

The Network team also improved personally and professionally, achieving multiple professional-level certifications from Cisco and Juniper. This educational level and advancement in skill sets are evident in the meticulous preparation and flawless execution of projects and support tasks that ran throughout 2019.

All of these impressive numbers represent all the hard work our Most Helpful Humans in Hosting™ have put in throughout the last year for our customers, including redundant networks, cooling and power, tier-1 premium bandwidth, on-site security, geographic redundancy, and a team of experts dedicated to monitoring network performance and security 24/7/365.

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