Introducing the New “Easy Link” Ad Tool

The new Easy Link ad bookmarklet tool allows affiliates to attach a bookmarklet to their browser’s favorite/bookmark bar. It works with all browsers and installs with a simple click and drag installation. Just visit the Easy Link ad tool page HERE, and drag the AvantLink logo into your browser’s bookmark bar.

Install by dragging the Easy Link logo into your bookmark bar.

Once the tool is installed, affiliates can visit merchant websites and click the Easy Link bookmark to create a tracking link to that page. It works for any page on the merchant’s website, so affiliates can deep-link to specific product pages.

Visit a merchant’s site and click Easy Link to quickly build a tracking link.

The Easy Link ad tool features:

  • Build tracking links without logging into AvantLink
  • Quickly share the tracking link to Facebook & Twitter
  • Bitly URL shortener

If you have any questions regarding the new Easy Link ad tool, please reach out to our support team HERE

AvantLink is a privately-owned affiliate network built on a quality-over-quantity approach and ethical business practices. From the start, AvantLink has focused on developing functionality & technology to solve common pain-points experienced by program managers in the industry. Our customers and clients are our priority, and we continuously raise the bar on customer service.

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