Additional New Merchants For July

We have 15 new merchants added to our network for the remainder of July. Read about them all below!

We are HEST Outdoors. Founded by a team of adventurers & product designers, our mission is to improve your experience in the great outdoors through sleep. We make products that rival the comfort of your home mattress in portable forms. HEST products guarantee a great night’s sleep wherever you choose to turn in for the night. 5% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Manna Hydration is a fashion-forward reusable bottle brand that delivers reliable, durable bottles with expressive designs made to reflect every lifestyle and capture each unique personality. Manna features reusable bottles and accessories created by our world class design team located in the heart of Manhattan NYC. Our designs are inspired by the infamous Garment District where we are headquartered and they blend our high fashion surroundings with eco-style, professional engineering, and splash of fun resulting in unique shapes prints and designs. 5% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Deeper Smart Sonar, the world’s first wireless echo sounder compatible with iOS and Android devices. Today, Deeper’s range of smart sonar devices are sold in more than 50 countries, enabling avid anglers from Sydney to Singapore, Michigan to Manchester to experience a completely new way of fishing. 7% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

The Iron Flask story began as a dream of three friends who were inspired to create the best sustainable water bottle ever. Founded in 2016, Iron Flask was created from love and a deep connection to a community that shares our vision of a better future for the planet and environment. This evolved into a quest to make this vision a reality by providing a stylish, cost-effective, and eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles. 5% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Fugoo has a long history in strategic product design of hardware and software. We have taken this expertise and continued crafting a line of consumer electronics around active outdoor lifestyles. Our Speaker Product Lines are award winning, most rugged speakers made all having IP67 ratings and built to go anywhere life takes you! 15% commission• 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Partner with us and earn a commission as a Fish Hippie Affiliate by referring sales to our site! We, like you, have lofty goals and welcome the opportunity to partner up in creating a mutually beneficial partnership and collaboration. As a fast growing lifestyle apparel brand, we welcome the opportunity to partner with like-minded companies and publications in the coastal lifestyle, outdoor/active, and fashion industry. 7% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

It’s all about the hunt, the birds, family and friends. And, of course, the dogs. It was a sincere passion for all these things, plus an appreciation for aromatic, delicious-tasting coffee that inspired four upland hunters to create Gundog Grind. This small business in South Carolina is devoted to maximizing the social bonds created over coffee, family, dogwork, hunting and the outdoors. Gundog Grind aims to keep hunters fueled and passions lit so everyone can spend more time with their faithful companions and friends–new and old. 7.5% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Windward combines the benefits of organic Full-Spectrum Hemp with therapeutic botanicals and adaptogens (plants that help the mind and body cope with stress). While CBD has many physical and mental benefits—and can provide immense amounts of support—it’s not a cure-all for all ailments. The synergy between plants and their active compounds is what truly enhances the entourage effect when taken in combination, creating a greater effect than CBD alone. 15% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Founded in 2015, Super Speciosa is a consciously crafted brand of all-natural kratom leaf herbal supplements formulated to help users manage their health naturally. The company is vertically integrated and does not outsource any part of the manufacturing process. By maintaining complete control Super Speciosa achieves the highest quality control standards in the industry and is recognized by consumers as a trusted brand in a “buyer beware” market. Super is one of the first brands to be recognized to meet the standards of the American Kratom Association’s GMP Standard Program as a Qualified Vendor. 20% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Home Owner Complete was designed to simplify the home buying process. With massive amounts of data and content available most buyers are let feeling overwhelmed. HOC provides information thats needed, gets rid of whats not and makes it a fun engaging experience for the consumer. 15% commission • 90 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

GRAYL empowers travelers and adventurers with water purifiers that drive self-sufficiency and safe passage anywhere on earth. Our purifiers have garnered 1000’s of five-star reviews on our website and are indicative of the brand trust we’ve accrued as being one of the recognized leaders in designing water purifiers for use during global travel, outdoor adventure, and survival. 8% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

Final’s first product, FinalStraw—the original reusable, collapsible straw—launched on Kickstarter in 2018. Since then, we’ve helped prevent over 300 million single-use straws from entering the environment, and we’re just getting started! Final is on a mission to reduce the need for plastics, empower individuals to change their buying habits, and raise awareness about the impacts of our everyday decisions. 10% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

BOA Skincare products are revolutionary and market-leading, giving the same effect as a chemical peel but without the chemicals. BOA will effectively remove your dead skin cells and speed up cell renewal, making way for the younger, healthier cells to surface, helping you to reveal your natural beauty. 7% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

For over 50 years Mustang Survival has been delivering confidence to those who work, play, or protect on or in the water. With every element of the product experience tucked tightly under our finger, and some of the most progressive engineers and designers creating customized products for every user we support, we truly challenge the status quo and change the standards of how marine gear is designed and built. 5% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

The Nutrient Survival Affiliate Program provides online and social media partners with the opportunity to earn commission and receive personal discounts, all while being a leader in our mission to revolutionize what survival food should be. As the world’s first – and only – nutrient dense survival food, we are changing the game by providing great tasting foods that ignite the body’s natural power to defend. We go beyond surviving to thriving. 15% commission • 30 days cookie duration • APPLY NOW!

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